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Villa Homelifts

Roam freely and hassle free within your home with our villa homelifts.


Our urban life has improved so much and people are constantly looking for smart solution especially back in their home. Villa Homelifts are specially designed for the elderly and handicap at home to commute comfortably and safely from their bedroom to the living hall , kitchen , garden. Roam freely and hassle free within your HOME with MXC Villa homelifts.

We are proud to announce that our Homelifts adopt the latest STEEL BELT traction machine system. With longer lifetime and less maintenance required, steel belt traction operates in close to ZERO noise compared to conventional steel rope traction system. A 30% smaller traction machine is employed, reducing the power consumption by 15%. Keeping your home tranquil and serene.

Innovative Steel Belt Technology

Flat belt comprises of uniquely arranged rope strand, antirust galvanized-steel wire surface, and it is protected by an outer wrap made of polyurethane. The outer wrap gives a soft touch to the traction machine, providing quiet operation without the need of lubrication.

  • Keep hoistway clean all the time, without lubrication

  • Much lighter than traditional wire rope, hence less electricity consumption

  • Soft and bigger contact point between flat belt and traction machine.

  • Lifetime is 3 times longer than traditional traction wire

Smaller and Efficient Traction Machine
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